Top Things You Need to Know About Used Cars for Sale in South Africa

If you are looking for quality used cars for sale at affordable prices, then you are at the right place. However, knowing how many pitfalls there are when it comes to buying or selling a car, we’ve answered some of the frequently asked questions about car trade-ins, selling, and buying used cars in South Africa.

How is the trade-in price of the vehicle determined?

You’ll hear about retail price, book value, and trade-in price the moment you visit a dealer to trade your vehicle in for another. Retail price is the price that the dealer will ask for the vehicle and thus the price that a buyer will pay. To get to the retail price, the dealership adds their mark-up to the price they had paid for the car. This cover the cost of the premises, the inspection, wash, sale facilitation, risk of damage while the vehicle is in dealer ownership, commission, and more. The trade-in price is what the dealer is willing to pay for a used car. The amount is paid towards the vehicle financing or you can get the cash to pay for another car. The book value is simply the standard value typically accepted in the vehicle sales industry based on the model, year, make, colour, mileage, and condition of the vehicle, in addition to the demand for the particular model.

How do I determine the value of my vehicle?

This can take a bit of homework. Shop around on the Internet and compare the prices asked by private sellers and dealers alike for your specific vehicle model of the same year, mileage, and condition. Keep in mind that options features such as a high-quality sound system, air-conditioning, power steering, alloy wheels, and leather interior may contribute towards a higher price. You can also get an evaluation done by an insurer. Speak to the consultants at RFS Auto to help you determine the trade-in value of your used car. Also, keep in mind that a logbook of vehicle service history and receipts of repairs or add-ons will help to get a better price.

How do I get more for my car?

Whether you decide to go through a dealership offering used cars for sale or to sell privately, it pays to invest a bit to get a better price. Have small nicks and scratches repaired. A dirty car is a put-off, even if it is mechanically perfect. Make sure it is spotless before offering it for sale. Replace brake pads and windscreen wipers beforehand. Even small details can make a difference in price.

Which vehicles are the most popular?

Search the Internet for to get an idea of which cars are in demand in South Africa. That being said, any vehicle in good condition will fetch a better price. Vehicles still under warranty are very popular. The higher the mileage, the riskier it becomes as more expensive parts start to give up the ghost. Banks generally don’t finance vehicles older than 10 years. However, if you have a full service record and your car is in top condition, you can expect a reasonable price for it, even if it is rather old. Among the best sellers in July 2016 were the Volkswagen Polo and Polo Vivo, Ford Fiesta, Toyota Fortuner, Corolla, Corolla Quest, Auris, RAV4 and Etios, Ford EcoSport, Renault Sandero, and Volkswagen Golf. If you are young or are buying a vehicle for your child who has just finished school, consider a light, fuel-efficient car. Though two-door cars are trendy, they most probably will want a four-door vehicle to easily transport their friends. Also, consider the maintenance cost on the vehicle. Look for something that is popular and for which parts are readily available. Of course, safety should always be priority and as such you should insist on at least one airbag and ABS brakes. Students often have to navigate traffic and find parking, which can be rather challenging. A smaller vehicle will help with both.

Whether you want to trade in your vehicle or simply want to find a suitable used car, browse our extensive collection and contact us for more information on any vehicles you are interested in.