Executive Luxury

 When it comes to luxury cars, people are reluctant to buy them new due to the price and insurance that add up to a substantial monthly amount. For those who can afford it, the market offers many choices, but it can be a daunting task to find the ideal luxury car to suit your driving style and the roads you travel on daily. When browsing the second-hand luxury cars offered for sale, certain choices are popular for those who are looking for a luxury executive vehicle. Every car you buy will be some sort of compromise, so choose wisely when selecting your luxury second-hand car of choice.

A great example of compromise would be someone who buys a 2-seater sports car instead of a luxury 4-door saloon, compromising on space and gaining only a small percentage of performance that cannot truly be used in populated areas without putting your car, the people around you, and your licence at risk. Second-hand luxury cars usually have to be somewhat practical, with a good measure of functionality and comfort. In Pretoria, when you want to drive an executive vehicle, the choices may be between a hot hatchback for the city streets, and super saloon for the open roads, and an executive off-road SUV for the gravel roads, of which there are many in the countryside around Pretoria. Today, we will be looking at these categories and what might be the ideal second-hand luxury car amongst all the models offered for sale that will not only fit the bill, but also grant you optimal levels of comfort and practicality as a daily driver.

The Hot Hatchback

 For those who live and work in the city or suburbs, the hot hatchback is the ideal choice when looking to buy a second-hand luxury car that offers good performance. Not many showrooms have a selection of hot hatchbacks, but at RFS Auto, you are sure to find a few of these for sale. A hot hatchback is usually a faster, more luxurious model of the normal family hatch and offers improved performance and handling. These cars are nimble and ideal for handling the streets with verve and flair, with decent fuel consumption numbers to prove just how suited they are as daily drivers. Should you need some power and acceleration, they offer that in ample proportion, making the hot hatchback the ideal car type for executive luxury on city streets.

The Performance Saloon

 Some of the most popular luxury second-hand cars for sale fall in this category. A performance saloon is usually the upgraded version of a regular saloon, offering more power to enjoy on the open roads and for quick and safe overtaking. For those who live in Pretoria and must commute to Johannesburg every day for work, these cars are ideal, as they can easily handle the highways and produce passable fuel consumption numbers in the process. Luxury second-hand performance saloons for sale would usually include a selection of German manufacturers, giving scope to cars such as the Audi S6 and S8, the BMW M-badged models, and the Mercedes-Benz AMG models, while still offering a saloon that can easily fit the kids in the back and keep them comfortable on the long road, with more than enough boot space for all the luggage. When it comes to tackling journeys on the open road, there is nothing better than a German performance saloon.

The Executive SUV

 A choice that is becoming more popular in the second-hand luxury cars section is the executive off-road SUV. Ideal for people who are living outside the populated areas of Pretoria and must face gravel roads on a daily basis, the SUV can provide the ground clearance and suspension to easily deal with uneven and loose road surfaces while providing comfort and luxury for the driver and passengers. Models in this class include a selection of Range Rovers and other German and American SUV models, such as the Porsche Cayenne or the specially imported luxury Dodge Ram pick-up truck.

Should you be looking for a wide selection of luxury second-hand cars for sale, RFS Auto is where you can find them. Our website features our full selection of vehicles, with mileage, engine type, and price to make your experience as simplistic as possible. For more information, feel free to contact us directly, and let us get you into one of the many luxury second-hand cars we offer for sale.