Comfort, Speed, Luxury

 High-end used cars are an easy way to get access to a daily driver that can be enjoyed by petrolheads and their spouses alike. Whether you prefer a performance hatchback with power to spare, a luxurious SUV that provides more space and can handle gravel roads, or a high-end bakkie to show off to your friends, RFS Auto can be of service to not only provide a wide selection, but also offer the right prices that fit your budget. Buying a daily driver out of a selection of high-end used cars would usually boil down to your personal preference and which manufacturer you support, with a perfect example being someone who drives a luxury German saloon of the brand that they prefer, which is usually a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes-Benz, with avid fans in each camp. The battle between these three will always rage on when it comes to high-end used cars, and people buy the car that they think is best and of which they are a fan. Today, we will go into detail on these three specific manufacturers and the car types that can usually be found at high-end used car dealers in and around Pretoria.

The Luxury Saloon

 Since these German automakers started producing saloons, buyers have always fiercely defended their brand of choice, although there is very little to choose between these cars in terms of engineering excellence. As for the high-end models, Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz all offer their takes on the concept. Their selection of luxury super saloons is quite impressive, with Audi having a complete RS series, BMW bringing their selection of M saloons, and Mercedes-Benz relying on their AMG division to produce high-end performance cars. Should you be looking for a high-end used car that offers ample road holding and excellent performance when putting your foot down, the RS series provides a selection of 4WD models such as the RS4 and RS7 that offer superb traction and performance in all weather conditions. BMW’s selection of M series saloons is a bit more hardcore, delivering rear-wheel-drive models that have their own loyal following of diehard fans. For an even more extrovert take on the high-end performance saloon, Mercedes’s AMG versions, especially those with the Black badge added on top, will provide exactly what you need.

The Modern SUV

 High-end used cars for sale will always include a selection of modern SUVs, with the German triumvirate again in the running as the default choice. Audi offers a range of SUV models, with the Q series being the popular choice, while BMW offers a wide range in their X series to choose from. Mercedes-Benz have always been popular for their M-Class, the larger 7-seater GL and the smaller GLC. Other high-end used cars in this category lead us to Land Rover and Range Rover, delivering various SUVs that can easily compete with their German counterparts. Porsche also offers the Macan and Cayenne for those who would like to add some Porsche flair to their daily driver SUVs and let us not forget about the Volkswagen brand that uses their rally and motorsport pedigree to deliver SUV models such as the Touareg to the public. As you can see, the selection of high-end used cars in this category is very comprehensive, giving you more than enough options when considering buying a high-end SUV as your daily driver.

At RFS Auto, we offer a wide selection of high-end used cars for sale, including hot hatchbacks, luxury German saloons, and a variety of SUV models to choose from. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and further details on the high-end used cars we currently offer for sale, complete with information on mileage, engine type, and price. Our prices are competitive, giving you the option to rather buy the car you really want as opposed to compromising due to the steep price. We are located in Montana in Pretoria and you are free to come and have a look at our showroom for yourself. Should you be interested in one of our high-end used cars for sale, feel free to contact us directly and let us get you into your dream car. Choose RFS Auto today and enjoy comfort and luxury in your new daily driver.