The Why and How of Shopping for Secondhand Luxury Cars for Sale in South Africa

Why pay more to drive a new high-end vehicle if you can shop for the luxury second-hand cars for sale right here at RFS Auto? If you still wonder whether you should buy one of the luxury second-hand cars on offer or a new one, consider the cost difference between brand-new and previously owned. Sure, it is an exhilarating feeling to get into a brand-new car, but if you can have excellent quality and prestige at a lower price, why spend more? The moment you drive a brand-new vehicle out of the showroom, it loses value. Indeed, the drop is steep from brand-new to second-hand in terms of price. Therefore, you can buy a luxury second-hand car that has less than 100 000 km on the clock and pay far less than you do for the feeling of driving a new car off the lot.

The Right to Choose the Service Centre

If you are concerned about warranty issues if an independent vehicle mechanic services the vehicle, you have even more reason to be concerned with a brand-new car. It does not even matter if it is a luxury car; if it is brand-new, you have to service it at the manufacturer’s franchised dealership. This costs a lot more! The secret is to buy one of the luxury second-hand cars for sale and then service it at any of the trustworthy service centres, such as RFS Auto.

why You Should Buy a Luxury Car for Sale Rather Than a Conventional Smaller Vehicle

The luxury second-hand cars for sale offer superb value for money. The cars come with all the conveniences and safety features needed. In addition, such cars also come with warranties. If you buy one of the newer second-hand luxury cars for sale, you will find that many of the vehicles are still under factory warranty. The vehicles we sell are pre-inspected and, as such, you get the assurance of quality. The used luxury cars for sale depreciate more slowly in value than brand-new ones. In addition, because the luxury vehicles are often well-maintained with full service records, you can expect these vehicles to be in demand and keep their value for longer than sporty economic cars driven hard and fast.

Think Style

A lesser car is simply not worth the drop in prestige and besides, a vehicle is often seen as an outward presentation of success. The adage that success sells is also true when it comes to the choice of car. If you are looking for luxury second-hand cars for sale, you probably also do not care for the lower-end sporty city cars. You want the quality, warranties, style, and elegance of such luxury vehicles, and the assurance of value. This you get when you buy in the luxury sector.

What to Look for In Luxury Used Vehicles

You can buy from a private seller, but unless the seller is using a reputable dealership, you face several risks, such as hidden faults on the car, possible frauds, and difficulty in getting finance. It is thus best to buy from a reputable dealership helping to streamline and manage the purchasing process on your behalf. You do not have to drive from one seller to another to find the car you want. Simply view our range online or drop in at the showroom on Zambezi Road, Pretoria, where you can view and inspect the vehicles at your own leisurely pace without any pressure to make an immediate buying decision. Look for vehicles that have been pre-inspected, are clean, come with service records, and have low mileage on the clock. Also, check the interior, under the hood, and assess the electronic components for proper operation.

Before you make a choice regarding a specific model, visit the manufacturer’s forum to find out what the general feeling amongst owners is about the vehicle. Also, consider reading reviews in magazines regarding the particular make and model. Once you have compared a few makes and models, you can think price. Now it comes down to how old the vehicle is, what mileage it has and what the maintenance intervals are for the particular make and model of choice. Finally, buy your choice of luxury second-hand car offered for sale from a reputable dealership where superb aftersales services are offered.