What to Do Before You Sell Your Car

You can sell your car today using the RFS Auto service. With a pre-inspection and preparation service available to our clients, we make sure your vehicle is ready to be sold.

Instead of having to advertise in the classifieds and be at risk of being scammed, having to answer calls from countless strangers and needing to deal with the tedious details normally associated with private sales, simply complete our online form or directly contact us to help you sell your car today. We have briefly provided you with a few guidelines below to assist in preparation of your car to be sold.

Defects and the Sale

Do not risk a buyer claiming a refund because of defects not stipulated upon sale of the vehicle. Have your vehicle inspected to identify any defects that must be repaired. Resolve the issues before making the car available for sale. Think of possible defects such as shock absorbers needing replacement, worn wiper blades, brake pads or discs, worn tyres, faulty lights, fuses which must be replaced, spark plugs, and worn pipes. Having a clear conscience in selling the vehicle will help you sleep better at night knowing that you are an ethical seller. We make it easier with a pre-inspection service and assistance in repairing the defects.

Get a Roadworthy Certificate

This is completely optional since the certificate is only valid for three weeks. However, if you plan on buying a car, it is always good to get the certificate for the vehicle you purchase.

Private Sale Forms

Collect a form for the notification of change of ownership or sale of vehicle. This can be collected from any roadworthy centre or the traffic department in your area. Also, get the application for vehicle licensing and registration. You should prepare a sales agreement. This process is, of course, simplified when making use of our services to sell your car. It is furthermore imperative to have the proof of ownership and if the vehicle was financed and paid in full, also make a copy of the letter from the bank/financier that indicates this. However, if the vehicle has been paid off for a while and you have already completed the transfer from the financial institution to your name, the latter is not necessary. Do not forget to have the vehicle registration form on hand, as this must be given to the buyer upon payment of the agreed selling price and after having signed the sale agreement.

What if the Vehicle is still Under Finance?

If you will pay off the vehicle from the sale amount, then obtain the settlement letter from the financing institution indicating the amount needed to pay off the vehicle in full.

How Important is a Clean Car?

Just think about it – when you look at a dirty vehicle, do you see potential or do you think that there may be some hidden faults? You most probably think that the car has not been serviced and must have been neglected, judging from its appearance. The buyer will do the same. Having a sparkling clean car will definitely help create the right first impression.

Avoid Risks

Never go to the buyer’s house and avoid correspondence only via email. Always have a family member, friend, or representative with you when meeting buyers. Do not give the keys to the buyer unless the amount for the sale has been paid. If the buyer wants to test drive the vehicle, accompany him or her. In this instance, make sure you and a friend accompany the buyer and let someone know that you are doing so. This is why it is essential to make use of reputable services such as RFS Auto to avoid scams and to make sure there is record of your advertising, the inspection, and sale. Never accept cheques as payment and make sure the money reflects in your bank account before handing over the keys to the buyer. Also, request a copy of the buyer’s ID and their driver’s license. Make sure you have a receipt of proof of sale as well.

Best Way to Sell Your Car

Make use of our professional and convenient service to mitigate the risks, improve the chances of selling the vehicle quickly, and to have an audit trail of the process.