Why and How to Sell Your Car Online in South Africa

Do you simply not have the time to place countless ads? Do you want to sell your car and get a good price for it? Do you want to minimise the risk of buyer fraud? If you have answered yes to any of the questions, you will want to sell your car online using the RFS Auto platform. With a built-in process for seamless transactions, a state-of-the-art workshop where buyers can inspect sellers’ vehicles, and with guaranteed ownership and mechanical breakdown warranties, we take the hassle out of the selling process.

But, why would you want to sell your car?

There are many reasons for wanting to sell your car, such as wanting to purchase a larger vehicle because you have a new addition to your family, or wanting a sedan instead of a sporty hatchback simply because you have married and want a family car. You may need to downscale to a smaller vehicle to have a vehicle that it is more fuel-efficient and easier to get thread through traffic. Perhaps you plan on relocating to another city or country and plan to buy a car there. You may have to sell your vehicle for financial reasons and because a vehicle is certainly a valuable asset, you know that the money received can be used towards payment of a debt or to start a business, whilst you can use the balance as a deposit on your next car.

Perhaps you want to sell your car to buy a small truck for business or you have a third vehicle, which is hardly used and you don’t have the additional garage space to store it. Maybe you have moved to a farm or smallholding near the city and now require a 4×4 or more suitable vehicle for the rural environment where you live. You might be thinking of upgrading to a newer model or perhaps more luxury. Then selling your car online is a good decision. It affords you the opportunity to reach a wide audience in the market for the particular type of vehicle and because you don’t have to take all the calls or deal with buyer after buyer, you can go on with daily activities and have the benefit of the sale being handled on your behalf. You might even be recently divorced or your spouse might have passed away and now you only need one vehicle or maybe you want to save money to put down as deposit towards the purchasing of an apartment or house.

When to sell

It is often better to sell a vehicle before it reaches the 6-year milestone, as it enables you to still get a good price and thus the ability to purchase a new model. That being said, having a car that is a vintage, classic, or sport model for several years and taking good care of it can also be an investment. Some of these rare models are in demand, meaning that selling the vehicle online will ensure a good return on your investment.

How to get more for your car

Though we make it as easy as possible for you to sell your car online, if you don’t supply enough information, it can take a bit longer. So, the first tip is to supply all the necessary details. A second tip is to make sure the car is in a good condition and to ensure that it is clean throughout. Small details often make a difference, such as paying attention to cleaning or replacing worn or dirty floormats. Just as people notice worn or dirty carpets in a house, they notice worn mats in a car and may want to pay less. New or clean floormats will help to create a good first impression.

Replace the tyres if they are worn. It is always a good selling point if the car has brand-new tyres. It will add to the sale price potential. Also, be honest about the vehicle. If there is an underlying condition that must be fixed, don’t hide it. Inform us and you can have the vehicle serviced at our modern and well-equipped workshop, helping you to fix the problem and thus to realise a better price for your car.

What next?

Don’t procrastinate. Whatever the reason for selling your vehicle, we make it a hassle-free process with our online facility.