How the Qashqai Performs as a Popular Luxury Second-Hand Car in South Africa

If you are in the market for one of the luxury second-hand cars available through RFS Auto then you should consider Nissan’s understated but very refined Qashqai. It certainly makes the grade for luxury SUV and the fact that it is one of the most popular Japanese imports in the very discerning German market says a lot for its engineering and refinement. With reasonable pricing, it is one of the most affordable high-end luxury second-hand cars that you can buy.

The 1,5-litre turbocharged diesel version has a distinct, modern style, which means the car will still fit in with newer models for quite a few years to come. It is compact in design, making it suitable for inner-city driving without having to compromise on elegance and space. With 81 kW and a substantial 260 N.m of torque, there is enough power under the hood to make light work of long-distance travel, even with a fully loaded SUV, and throttle response is instant once the engine is revving past 2000 rpm. It is not a sports car, but the acceleration is decent, thanks to the generous torque. As such, no frantic revving is required; the turbo diesel Qashqai does its best work between 2000 and 4000 rpm, for effortless, unobtrusive travel.

The small-capacity turbocharged diesel engine’s low-rev torque and excellent economy make it an excellent match for the spacious crossover body and the engine’s impressive performance belies its diminutive size. The vehicle has a 6-speed manual gearbox with closely spaced ratios and a light shift action. The vehicle’s instrumentation also informs you of the amount of CO2 saved with the start-stop system. If you are environmentally conscious or simply want bragging rights about your low carbon footprint, this is quite handy.

Some of the models offered optional technology packs for the more gadget-conscious buyer. Do not expect to pay as much for these extras when you buy your Qashqai as a luxury second-hand car than what they cost new, and if you are a technology lover, it will be worth it. Gadgets such as built-in satellite navigation and corner-view cameras for easier parking come to mind.

As far as interior space is concerned, you will be surprised. Though compact in exterior design, it features ample space for five passengers in the well-trimmed and comfortable cabin. With the rear seats being able to fold flat, packing space can be increased tremendously and you can even drop a surfboard or bicycle in the back. Passengers will also not complain about a lack of legroom. In terms of driving, it offers a well-damped ride and it corners stably and confidently, despite its higher crossover body. Though it is technically an MPV, the Qashqai still has that sporty look and feel, giving you a fun ride in the inner-city area without compromise on stability and comfort for the long haul.

It has adjustable steering with two modes. The one is Sport and the other Normal, to fine-tune steering response to your liking. When it comes to long-distance driving, the Qashqai is comfortable, quiet, and very economical. It is a well-rounded vehicle and if you are looking for a car that is stylish yet ideal for the family at the same time, this is one of those understated second-hand luxury cars that will impress. Maintenance costs are reasonable and with its excellent economy, it is light on the pocket in everyday use. The turbo-diesel engine gives the extra power when it is needed, but without the fearsome fuel bills of some of the other luxury SUVs, especially those with petrol engines. In summary, the Qashqai falls in the top of the compact SUV used car categories. With so many convenience features, enough power under the bonnet, a bevy of high-tech gadgets, and its low emission levels, it is a good choice, especially if you are looking for a vehicle that can efficiently handle anything from a school run to a long-distance trip.

Apart from the Qashqai, which is a good second-hand buy, browse for other cars in the same price bracket on our website, or visit our showroom. The vehicles are pre-inspected, clean, and serviced. Also be sure to check out the finance options and if you need help in deciding, simply ask our consultants.