How to Avoid Scams When Browsing Luxury Pre-Owned Cars for Sale

 A word of caution regarding online ads for luxury pre-owned cars for sale, whether on Zambezi Drive or any other location with many dealerships: There are scammers that pretend to represent legitimate dealerships. They take photos of vehicles parked on the street and post these on classified ads. They even put dealership names with or answer as from legitimate dealers. When the interested buyers enquire about the so-called luxury pre-owned cars for sale, they state that deposits are required to secure the vehicles for the buyers. A buyer falls for the fraud, transfers money to the bogus account, and calls the dealership to collect their vehicle, only to find that the dealership has no knowledge of the transaction.

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These and many other scam ads are placed online daily. Be vigilant. If the advertiser claims to be from a dealership, ask which dealership and what the street address is. Then look up the number of the dealership and contact them. Compare the number they give with the number of the advertiser. If it is not the same, ask whether they know the number. Also, enquire if the specific person works for them. Enquire if they have the particular vehicle, and at what price. If they have it, make an appointment to view the vehicle at the said address. If they don’t, you know it is a scam and should report the advertiser to the police and the impersonated dealership. Never pay a deposit without first having viewed the vehicle and having signed the sale agreement, after having verified that the seller has the right to sell the vehicle. Only buy from reputable dealerships that advertise luxury pre-owned cars for sale, such as RFS Auto on Zambezi Drive.

How to Know if It Is a Legitimate Dealership

 The dealership must be a registered business with a landline and website. Also, check that they have a well-maintained showroom. You should only buy from dealers that have been around for a while. We meet these requirements and invite you to view the range of luxury pre-owned cars for sale at our showroom on Zambezi Drive. You will also be glad to know that we have a workshop and do vehicle repairs and servicing.

How to Inspect a Luxury Pre-Owned Car Offered for Sale

 Check the bodywork and mechanical components of the car. The best place to start is to do a visual inspection of the vehicle’s bodywork. Look for variations in paint hue, as it will be an indication that the vehicle has been repainted. The seller must disclose all known defects. Check each body panel for repairs. If the engine is dirty, search for another car. A dirty engine is indicative of poor maintenance.

Inspect the windscreen and headlamps for chips and the wheels for any signs of damage. Make sure the vehicle’s spare wheel is present. Look inside the vehicle for any signs of damage to the floors, handles, and seats. Switch on the vehicle and check that all the electronic components operate as should. Switch off the vehicle and leave the headlamps on for five minutes. If it has difficulty starting immediately, the battery is faulty or the vehicle has electrical problems. It can also be indicative of a faulty alternator.

Ask to see the service record. Compare the vehicle’s actual mileage on the clock with the mileage noted at the last service. Inspect the steering wheel and the level of wear on the pedals. Do an oil check to see if the oil is clear and filled to the correct level. Any milky residue in the oil is a sure sign of head gasket problems. Take the car for a test drive and consider how it accelerates and handles, how the clutch feels, whether it pulls to one or the other side, how well it brakes, and whether the handbrake works. You will be pleased to learn that we do thorough inspections of all the luxury pre-owned cars for sale at our showroom on Zambezi Drive. We also welcome a thorough inspection by the prospective buyer.

Don’t buy just any car. Buy a good-quality, reliable luxury pre-owned car from a respected dealership. View the range of cars for sale and make an appointment to view the one you prefer at our showroom on Zambezi Drive.