How to Avoid Buying Lemons When Shopping for Luxury Used Cars for Sale

 Keep safe and reduce risks when responding to ads related to luxury used cars for sale by following a few basic buying rules.

Hidden Defects

 Be careful of the “voetstoots” or “as is” clause! As a potential buyer of one of the luxury used cars that you spotted for sale, you will thus not get a warranty from a private seller. To protect against buying a used car that is not mechanically or electrically sound, test drive the vehicle first. Though the Consumer Protection Act states that the seller must disclose all the defects, it may still prove difficult to get a refund from the private seller for a defect on the car after the close of sale. For this reason, it is better to buy from a dealership that offers pre-inspected luxury used cars for sale. Such a dealership will have a reputation to uphold and will thus ensure that you are aware of any known defects.

Safety is Always a Concern

 Whether you are the seller or the buyer of a luxury used car for sale, it is essential to be vigilant about safety. Ask to meet the seller or buyer in a public place and be sure to request that they bring their ID along. Never meet the buyer or seller alone. Always have a witness with you and make sure everyone at home knows where you are going and who you are meeting. Of course, when you enquire about luxury used cars advertised online and for sale at a dealership, you already have a known address and the assurance of safety. You will not have to meet the seller after hours in an unknown place. As such, the risk of buying one of the stolen luxury used cars often advertised for sale is considerably less than when you deal with private online advertisers.

Do not be Shy with Questions

 People often fall victim to scams because they do not want to offend or ask questions. If you respond to private ads regarding luxury used cars for sale, ask the necessary questions. This will help you to stay safe and to avoid needless trips to view cars for sale. Questions to ask include:

  • Why is the car sold?
  • If the price is below market value, ask why.
  • Where is the vehicle parked during the day and at night?
  • How often is the car used for commuting?
  • What is its mileage?
  • What year, model, and make is the vehicle?
  • Are the registration and license papers in order and the license up to date?
  • is there a list of defects?
  • Is there a service record?

If you respond to dealer advertisements regarding luxury used cars for sale, enquire about known defects and the service record/s of the car/s to make an informed buying decision.

Find a Reputable Dealership

 If you buy one of the luxury used cars offered for sale by an unknown dealership at an untidy car lot, you should not expect great after-sales service. You want the dealership to still be around a few years from now. As such, buy from a well-established, reputable dealership that also has an online presence and offers servicing, pre-inspection, finance services, and a neat showroom.

Consider the Maintenance and Repair Costs

 Some vehicles are more expensive to maintain and it is recommended that you do some research on the cost of spare parts for the luxury cars offered for sale that you prefer. Armed with the information about service costs, spare parts, and reliability of each type, you will be in a better position to buy a vehicle that will look great, perform as desired, and be affordable when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

Buy within Your Budget Limit

 Do not waste the seller or your time by shopping amongst the luxury used cars for sale that are beyond your budget. This is a good time to be realistic about affordability. How much can you afford in cash or through financing? Find out by using one of the online finance calculators if you are not sure and then buy within your limits. For a complete solution, call us today.