Consider the Volkswagen Golf SV as one of the Best Deals on High-End Used Cars

Looking for a high-end used car? Perhaps you want something with great performance, being known for reliability, and which still looks like it fits the modern era? Love surfing and other water sports and need a car that has the luggage space to cater for such? Want to go on a road trip? Then consider the Volkswagen Golf SV 1,4 TSI Comfortline. Though it doesn’t really fit in the bracket of super high-end used cars, it still makes the grade as an upmarket vehicle with a good brand image among the current crossover and compact MPV set.

The Golf SV 1,4 TSI Comfortline has a powerful and economical turbocharged petrol engine. Known for its excellent build quality and German engineering, it will still be in vogue for the next ten years. It also falls into the young family car category with its spacious interior and cargo space. It is a fairly new release and as such, it makes the grade for high-end used cars. You most probably will make use of vehicle finance, because of the price range in which it falls. But considering that it is certainly a newer model, you will not have trouble with finance criteria based on the age of the car.

The Golf SV is a great car for both short and long-distance driving. When it comes to practicality, the SV’s interior wins over many of the other cars in the same price range and size. It has an extended wheelbase and wider body than the normal Golf on which it is based, making it more than just a hatchback, and perfect for long-distance travelling when you need additional space and a vehicle that was built for the job and can handle it. It features a capacious 500-litre boot and the 60/40 split rear seat can be slid fore and aft to vary boot space or rear legroom. You can even load a surfboard or two when the bench has been adjusted appropriately and still have space for luggage. The rear seats can be folded flat to increase the available space to 1520 litres.

Long-distance driving means you will spend a large part of the day in the vehicle. You want the interior to be comfortable and the SV does not disappoint. It has bottle holders for the front and rear doors and it also features a storage compartment with two cup holders and a centre armrest. If you do not want to stop for lunch at one of the convenience centres on the highway, you’ll appreciate the rear seat tray tables, which make it possible for the passengers in the back to enjoy their packed lunches. Of course, the tables can also be used for other activities, such as playing magnetic travel board games.

With storage drawers under the seats, you have ample space for those items normally not packed in the boot, such as books, iPods, maps, cellphones, purses, and wet-wipes. There is also a storage bin on the dashboard, helping you to keep the car clutter-free on the long road. As optional extras, buyers of brand-new models can select leather seats or go for a panoramic sunroof or a media centre. As a buyer of a high-end used car, you can enjoy such expensive extras at a considerable saving. But, it is not all about interior. The Golf SV’s 1,4-litre turbocharged engine has 200 N.m torque on offer. It has a 7-speed DSG automatic transmission, though there are models with 6-speed manual transmissions available as well.

We have been saying much about long-distance travelling and for good reason. The refined Golf SV is perfect for the open road. Ample power makes the overtaking of slow-moving traffic quick and easy. However, one’s attention can wander on the long road, and here is where the handy cruise control comes in. It is within easy reach and effortlessly activated. The cruise control plays an integral role in avoiding speeding tickets and saving fuel.

The vehicle has many more features to consider, but the above should give you an indication of why it is one of the popular high-end used cars available. Browse the categories available at our site for such and many other high-quality second-hand vehicles in South Africa.