How to Avoid Scams When Shopping for High-End Used Cars for Sale in Pretoria

 Though the plentiful supply of high-end used cars for sale in Pretoria should keep prices in check, it is still possible to pay far too much for the vehicle you buy, or to purchase a high-end used car that may simply not live up to the hype. It is also easy to fall for a vehicle scam, especially if you respond to a classified ad.

If you are interested in superior quality, high-end used cars for sale in Pretoria, buy from reputable dealerships such as RFS Auto on Zambezi Drive. We pre-inspect all the vehicles that we sell at our showroom and advertise on our website. In addition, having a street address, proper contact details, and a vehicle service workshop available, you know that we are an established entity. Because we care about our clients and are committed to selling good-quality, high-end used cars in Pretoria, we discuss some of the scams when browsing used cars for sale and how to avoid getting scammed. Remember, if something is just too good to be true, it is probably a scam.

How to Know Which of the Ads for High-End Cars for Sale in Pretoria are Scams

 If the car is sold or advertised at a well-below-average market price, it should immediately ring alarm bells. Also, avoid any ads without sufficient contact details. If you phone the advertiser and the call goes through to voicemail, or you get a message saying the number does not exist, you should also be wary. If it is a legitimate ad and seller, you should be able to reach them if you phone at another time. Normally scammers have excuses for not being able to answer their phones.

Do not pay a deposit or the full price on the car if you cannot view it. This is a classic scam where the scammer states that many other parties are interested in the vehicle and the only way that you can prevent him from selling it immediately is to pay a deposit. Once you pay the deposit, the scammer disappears. If the advertiser states that they live overseas and cannot show the vehicle in person, but you can get all the photos or view the vehicle at a specific premises, it is best to just walk away from the deal.

How to Avoid Scams

 Even if an advert seems legitimate, you should take every precaution not to be scammed. Indeed, we highly recommend rather browsing high-end used cars for sale in Pretoria at dealerships with websites, street addresses, social media pages, and proven track records. Never hand over cash or make a bank transfer if you have not personally inspected the vehicle and verified that the seller has the right to advertise and sell the car. Always meet the seller in a public place, such as a used cars dealership in Pretoria or filling station. If you buy a high-end car from a private seller, do a background check to determine whether the vehicle details match the roadworthy documents.

Also, check whether the address of the seller is the same as that stated on the car’s registration details and license renewal form. Check if the VIN is the same as on the registration papers. Whether you buy from a dealership or from a private seller, always do your homework regarding prices for similar models. If the price is well below market-related prices, you need to ask why, instead of just jumping for joy because you think it is a bargain. Always ask to see the service history of the car.

Why You Should Buy from RFS Auto

 Now that you know how to avoid scams, consider why you will want to view the range of high-end used cars we offer for sale at our showroom in Pretoria. For one, we have an extremely large range and we focus on quality, well-maintained vehicles. Our prices are market-related, and we offer you service excellence. The vehicles are cleaned and inspected and, should repairs be needed, we either do them beforehand, or inform you of any defects. Our showroom is located in Zambezi Drive and we offer superb after-sales service.

View our range of high-end used cars for sale in Pretoria and contact us to arrange for personal viewing of the vehicles of your choice.