Top Luxury and Popular High-End Used Cars for Sale in Pretoria

 When it comes to high-end used cars for sale at affordable prices, look no further than our product stable. All our vehicles are pre-inspected, ensuring superior quality, regardless of the make and model that you purchase. We briefly introduce some of the high-end used cars for sale that may appeal to your sense of style and adventure.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado

Reliability is one thing that the Toyota brand is known for. This is extremely important when you go on safari somewhere in Africa where being stuck in the sand can be problematic. If you have bought one of the Toyota Prados in our range of high-end used cars that we offer for sale, you will not be the one that gets left by the side of the trail. Indeed, you will likely be the one that saves other vehicles from sticky situations. It is a vehicle made for rough-terrain driving and the Toyota brand is as reliable today as it was six decades ago.

It is fitted with a strong and durable suspension system, and with its extra-sturdy body, the Prado can handle extreme off-road driving conditions. The previous generation is not quite the high-end luxury used car for sale that will impress discerning suburban SUV drivers when it comes to the interior, but it does offer quite a level of luxury for the outdoors environment. The latest Prado is truly luxurious though. Handling is a little ponderous, but then again, it is an off-roader, not a sports car. We recommend this vehicle if you want a reliable 4×4 for the African bush!

 F15 BMW X5 (2013 Onwards)

The first-generation E53 BMW X5 made its debut just before the turn of the century and the X5 has ever since remained one of the popular high-end new and used cars for sale. It was built to compete with the Mercedes M-Class and was well received by consumers in South Africa as well. The 2013 (F15) model’s appearance didn’t change much from its predecessor, keeping the familiar X5 family look. It is a comfortable and spacious SUV with ample boot space. It can do some off-road work, but it is more of a suburban SUV than for a hard-core off-roader. For a sleeker profile, go with the X6. The X5 has five doors and is well-suited to family holidays, the occasional camp trip, perhaps a trip to the Kalahari, and certainly for normal city driving. It handles well and true to BMW’s focus on luxury, it boasts a comfortable and luxurious interior.

W212 Mercedes Benz E-Class

Few luxury high-end used cars for sale offer such elegance, class, performance, and luxury. The W212 Mercedes-Benz E-Class was even offered with an AMG E63 performance flagship. It comes with cooled or heated seating and is a sedan in its own class. Speed is amazing, acceleration equally impressive, and then there is also the superior driving comfort to consider.

2016 Ford Mustang

Everything from rugged 4x4s and city SUVs to sporty modern muscle cars form part of our portfolio of high-end used cars for sale in Pretoria. One such a pony car is the very popular and daringly attractive new Ford Mustang. It took over 40 years for the right-hand-drive Mustang to make its debut in South Africa. This is not the car to buy if you are afraid of too much power under the hood and it is certainly not recommended as a car for your son fresh out of high school. It is a high-performance vehicle that makes everyone jealous just to look at it, and when you put your foot on the pedal, it performs with a V8 growl! Expect it to be a bit on the pricey side, but considering how difficult it is to get a new one and how expensive the new ones are, you will agree that even though quite expensive, it is still exceptionally well-priced for a sport muscle car in its class.

Whether you are looking for an off-road master, a speedy sports car, a muscle king, family car, or the luxury of a Mercedes sedan, you will find what you are looking for at our showroom in Pretoria. View our full range of luxury high-end cars for sale and visit our showroom at Montana Park.