How can I Sell My Car for Cash?

Do you need to sell your car? Do you need cash for another car or perhaps to travel the world? Then there is no better place and way to do it than with RFS Auto. If you are thus wondering, “how am I going to sell my car?”, then the answer is right here. We provide a range of value-added services such as vehicle inspection and servicing prior to selling the vehicle.

One of the problems frequently experienced when you place an ad under the “sell my car” section in the classifieds or on a website is that not all banks are too eager to finance private sales of used vehicles. Though the buyers are out there, they do not necessarily walk around with the cash in hand to respond to cars for cash ads. This is why so many buyers prefer going through a dealership, which enables them to apply for vehicle financing. At RFS Auto, we understand the dilemma of the buyer and we understand that the seller wants to sell their car for cash as soon as possible. When making use of our services, both parties benefit. We give sellers the opportunity to sell their cars for cash and buyers a platform where they can search and buy quality used cars and get finance to do so.

Our service centre is in Montana, Pretoria, where we provide the physical premises where buyers can inspect vehicles. Indeed, we even provide a quote system online. The buyer can contact us online or telephonically and we will even go to them to do the demo. With a finance calculator available here and our on-site finance application centre in Montana, the buyer has the convenience of being able to apply for vehicle finance without having to go through a tedious process for financing a private car sale through a bank.

With cars for cash (or through financing) available ranging from bikes to SUVs, sedans, and smaller economical vehicles all advertised online, we reach a wider audience. People looking for cars often use the Internet as their first stop because of the convenience of being able to browse and compare from their home or on-the-go. In this regard, we provide pictures of the inspected vehicles and important details about every vehicle, including mileage, make, model, year, engine, etc. This helps the buyer to make an informed buying decision. In addition, the buyer can compare the vehicles browsed and determine which one is the better buy.

When the buyer is ready to make the purchase, and wants a quote or more information, the next step is to complete the online form. Our experienced and professional consultants will provide the necessary information and complete the sale. With an on-site financing application facility available, we enable the buyer to apply for vehicle finance on the spot. It, in turn, means not having to wait a week because the buyer needs to get finance. Faster selling of the vehicle means cash in hand without having to wait a long time.

Benefits of using our cars-for-cash and sale service thus include, but are not limited to:

  • Ability to sell your car for cash using a reliable service.
  • Not having to deal with countless time-wasting browsers.
  • Not running the risk of being swindled by people responding to your ads.
  • Not risking your vehicle being stolen or damaged by a person taking the vehicle for a test drive.
  • Time savings, because you can go on with business while we sell the car.
  • Having the option of selling your car to us for cash.
  • Convenience of a service centre where repairs can be made to your vehicle.

Buyers also benefit from our service:

  • Fast and straightforward quote system.
  • Being able to get the essential information about vehicles from anywhere in South Africa.
  • Pre-inspected and clean vehicles.
  • Shop floor for personal inspection of the cars.
  • Finance calculator to determine affordability of monthly payments.
  • One-stop convenience for repairs.
  • Professional sales people to assist with the purchasing process.
  • Warranties and guarantees in place.
  • Wide range of vehicles.

You thus do not have to wonder how you can sell your car for cash. Simply make use of RFS Auto and experience the benefits of having professionals manage the selling process.