How to Browse for Second-Hand Cars for Sale in Pretoria

 Though a buying a brand-new car feels good, most second-hand cars for sale in Pretoria offer better value for your money. Indeed, even if the car has only been driven for a while and has 30 000 km on the odometer, you can expect to pay far less than when buying the same vehicle brand-new. Second-hand car sale statistics show that more used cars are sold annually than new vehicles. This also applies to Pretoria. It means that you can find more options when browsing for second-hand cars for sale in Pretoria than brand-new car ranges and models available in the city. In addition, you can expect to pay slightly lower insurance premiums on well-maintained, low-mileage second-hand cars. Financially, it certainly makes sense to shop amongst the second-hand cars for sale in Pretoria. We share a few tips below to help you get the best possible deal and value for your money when buying second-hand cars.

Do not Buy Based on Emotion

 Sure, a red sports car stirs emotions and it is easy to fall in love with a car based on its looks or image, but if you buy a vehicle based on emotions alone, you will make a mistake. Even if it is the car of your dreams offered for sale in Pretoria, you should still consider the facts rather than just how it makes you feel. Consider every option and use modern technology to do it. With information about every type of vehicle readily available on the Internet, you have no excuse to choose a car that does not fit your space, appearance, performance, fuel economy, and maintenance requirements, as well as your budget constraints. First do a bit of scouting. Stay clear of ads stating inordinately low prices. If the price is far below market value for the particular model and make, it might be a scam or the car for sale may have some hidden flaw. Consider the pros and cons of each vehicle you look at before making a buying decision.
Choose a Reputable Dealership

Yes, you can buy from a private seller, but a dealership offers a wide range of vehicles. Choose a dealership in Pretoria that offers pre-inspected and quality second-hand cars for sale. Such a dealership should also have a service workshop and a well-maintained and up-to-date website. In this regard, you will appreciate RFS Auto’s comprehensive website, our equally impressive showroom, and our well-equipped workshop.

Sometimes Being Different Costs More

 Driving an exotic or rare model can be exciting, but it can also mean higher maintenance costs, because spare parts may not be readily available. In addition, rare models may not have warranties. If you choose a model and make that is readily available, you will not have a problem to find spare parts and to have it serviced. You can also expect to pay a lower purchase price. The fuel filter on one type of vehicle can put you back only a few rands, but for another type you may end up paying ten times the price. It thus makes sense to buy a second-hand car offered for sale for which spare parts are readily available and for which you can expect to get a good price once you sell it.

Testing the Vehicle

 We pre-inspect the second-hand cars we offer for sale in Pretoria, but still recommend that you follow sound buying principles, which include testing the vehicles you like. Check for wear and tear on the tyres, inspect the body seams of the engine bay for collision repairs, and test whether the handbrake is working. Before speeding off on your test drive, switch on the vehicle and let it idle for a while. Take a walk around the vehicle and test all the lights and wipers. Also inspect the electric window switches. Once behind the wheel and on the test drive route, make sure you test each gear setting and note any flat spots in acceleration.

Final Tip on Second-hand Cars for Sale in Pretoria

 Do not compromise on quality for the sake of price. Always buy from reputable dealerships such as RFS Auto where we take pride in presenting well-maintained second-hand cars for sale.